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Sommer 2018


Winter 2017

15. – 17. June 2018

8. Edition
Topic: Nightmare
Participants: 106
Trivia: Successful try of the  “Chill-Edition”
Pictures will be availiable soon.

Aesir Interactive, Cipsoft, Making Games, Innoactive, Games Bavaria, Gaßner Transporte

Philipp Wittershagen (Mimimi Productions), Maurice Weber (Gamestar), Chris Wulf (Indie Mega Booth), Lena Fischer (FFF Bayern), Andreas Dippon (ehemaliger Studiengangskoordinator)

The Winnning Team of  “Winner Winner, Kokosnuss Dinner”:
“The Walking Grape” with the game “Merry Gore around”

Full report comming soon.

8. – 10. December 2017

7. Edition
Topic: Attraction
Participants: ~150
Pictures are availiable of the event you can find here and the winners pictures here.

Aesir Interactive, Microsoft, Cipsoft, Gaßner Transporte

Philipp Wittershagen (Mimimi Productions), Fabrizio Palmas (Str8labs), Benjamin Barz (Aesir Interactive) and all participants

Space Drift, Lauri & Laura, Michael Bay Simulator, Ad-Traction, Zock o’Clock, Half Byte 3
Michael Bay Simulator (Art), RPyG (Engineering), Lauri & Laura (Game Desgin), Bullet from my Valentine (Sound)

Full report comming soon.

SZ-Article: Jung, kreativ, schnell (german)

9. – 11. June 2017

6. Edition
Topic: Tiefe/Depth
Participants: 94
Trivia: Category rewards added
Pictures of the event you can find here.

Cipsoft, Games Bavaria Munich, MakingGames, SAE Institute, Chimera Entertainment, Games Bavaria, remote control productions, Mimimi Productions, Gamestar, King Art Games, WASD, Stoll, Boxelware, Stray Fawn Studio, Maschinen Mensch, Black Pants Game Studio, Nerd Cards, Itemshop, Gaßner Transporte, Indiecouch, Studentenwerk München

Anna-Maria Magull (Mimimi Productions), Fabrizio Palmas (Str8labs), Daniel Gaina (Aesir Interactive), Andreas Dippon (TUM) and all participants.

Winning Teams:
Dig Deeeeeeep, Puffy, Brainfuck Planet, Overdrill, Chroma Shift
Penguins Can’t Fly (Art), Overdrill (Engineering), Chroma Shift (Game Desgin), Brainthinker (Sound)

Full report(german only)

9. - 11. December 2016

5. Edition
Topic: Cycle
Participants: 125
Trivia: Talks, Hiking tour and extended mentoring added
Pictures of the event you can find here.

Cipsoft, Aesir Interactive, Microsoft, Item Shop, Travian, Gamestar, Unity, WASD, GermanDevDays, fairytale Distillery, Black Pants Game Studio, Mimimi Productions, Nerd Cards, Ravensburger Digital, Studentenwerk München

Michaela Haberlander (FFF), Fabrizio Palmas (Str8labs), Maurice Weber (GameStar), Daniel Gaina (Aesir Interactive) und alle TeilnehmerInnen

Winning Teams:
Switchmarine, Oh I'm god, Huge and Cute, Killer Kitty in Space, IMPerfect

Full report (german only)

10. – 12. June 2016

4. Edition
Topic: Cliché
Participants: 44
Trivia: Jury eingeführt

Microsoft, Deep Silver

Dr. Manuel Huber (TUM), Christian Haupt (TUM), Michaela Haberlander (FFF) und alle Teilnehmenden

Winning Team:
Sushi Slicer, The Epic Adventure Of RwinPG, NOT_RACIST_BUT.exe

Full report (german only)

11. – 13. December 2015

Topic: The Other Side
Participants: 67
Trivia: achievement-system added

Microsoft, str8labs, Ubisoft Blue Byte, Deep Silver, Motius, Nerd Card

Winning Teams:
The Greatest Story Ever Told, 12 Days Of Snacking (play with Unity Web Player), Paper Love, Aerotron (+ Rewards for best Microsoft-Cloud-Embedding), NomWars

Full report (german only)
SZ-Article: Games without Borders (german only)
SZ-Article: Sleepless in Garching (german only)
SZ-Article: Game Jam: Battle of the Controller Freaks (german only)
Award for excellent student projects (p. 75)(german only)

10. – 14. August 2015

2. Edition
Topic: 8
Participants: ~20
Trivia: The winning teams can show their games at the TUM Demo Day


Primal Rampage, 8IRacer, Snowman

Full report (german only) (bottom line)

20. – 21. December 2014

Topic: Water
Participants ~20
Trivia: coconut has become the traditional extra price.


Watergate, Underwater, Schlacht um Mittelwasser, Bathtub, Sea Battle

Full report (german only) (bottom line)

THANK YOU - AGAIN! all participants, sponsors and volunteers!
Without you it would be impossible to have this GameJam!
Special thanks to Prof. Rüdiger Westermann, Proffesor Gudrun Klinker and her research team Augmented Reality (FAR), Mr. Andreas Dippon and Manuel!