Das Team der SemesterGameJam besteht aus folgenden Mitgliedern:

Daniel Hook

Finance &

TUM: Games Engineering
joined WS 16

Hendrik Möller

Coordinator &
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TUM: Games Engineering
joined WS16

Regina Gaßner

On-Side Events, Equipment & Catering

SAE:   Games Engineering
joined SS17

Jakob Raith

PR & Sheriff

TUM: Games Engineering
joined WS17

Jonas Braukmann

Guest Leader & Website

TUM: Games Engineering
joined WS18

Tina Schiele

Art & Maintenance

LMU: educational theory
joined: WS18

Previous Members



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Lukas Reindl (Co-founder), Marie-Catharine Schon (Helper),
Ira Akimova (Planning)  and Stefan Wolf (Support-Helper)

We are always looking for new members for our team! You are interested and want to support he next SemesterGameJam? Please use the contact-us and tell us about you.
You will get you all the information that you need.